Sidelined Vikings stars Adrian Peterson and Teddy Bridgewater are looking for any way to get back on the field – so the two have come up with an innovative medical solution that most certainly will not work!

“So like, I need a new meniscus, and Teddy needs a new ACL, so we were thinking, what he gave me his meniscus, and I gave him my ACL?” Peterson asked the drive-thru attendant at a Minneapolis-area Sonic. “I’m not a professional doctor or anything, but that seems like a thing, right?”

Across town at a local animal shelter, Bridgewater was overheard proposing the exact same plan.

“It’s easy right?” Bridgewater asked. “Kind of like a swap meet, except with ligaments instead of old shirts.”

After learning that their idea was untenable, Peterson and Bridgewater turned their attentions to a new plan.

“So, like I need a new meniscus, and Teddy needs a new ACL,” Peterson explained to a class of second-graders. “So, I was thinking, can we just take Sam Bradford’s?”

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