After starting 3-0, the New England Patriots have asked Roger Goodell to suspend Tom Brady for another four weeks. Coach Bill Belichick put in the call personally to Goodell after the Patriots beat the Texans while starting their third-string quarterback.
“I called him two minutes after we won,” said Bllichick. “I said, “Roger, thank you so much for all you’ve done for us. This is going so great, I thought maybe you could suspend Tom for another month.”
When asked about Goodell’s response, Belichick said was that the NFL commissioner was “silent for a while, then he wished me good luck and said he was going to be monitoring our season “very closely. You hear me, Bill? Very, very closely.” Then he said something else, but I couldn’t hear it because I was laughing so damn much.”
Belichick has even gone the extra step of sending flowers to Goodell’s office. “Yeah. We sent him a “Thanks For The Suspension” Bouquet,” said Belichick.
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