In a flag-waving and extremely dangerous display, Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest record holder Joey Chestnut preceded this year’s event by swallowing and digesting what must be a world-record 32 fireworks.

“Take that, Stonie!” Chestnut was seen screaming at his hot dog eating rival Matt Stonie, who responded by asking Chestnut if he needed medical help.

The Coney Island-based contest has been marred in recent years by Chestnut’s increasingly reckless displays of patriotism. In 2011, he infamously choked down a sixty-square-foot American flag, and in 2014, he swallowed presidential dog Bo Obama whole.

“This is what the Fourth of July is all about!” Chestnut was heard screaming while police cleared all children out of the area.

We can't play sports*, but we can make jokes about them!

*Two of our writers hit a home run** once
**It was in a video game.