Aaron Rodgers is baaaaaaaad. After 48 touchdowns on 580 pass attempts, in 19 straight home games, Rodgers was finally picked off at Lambeau Field. Packers fans held a conclave following the game and decided to renounce Rodgers as their quarterback and savior.

The Packers would go on to beat the Rams 24-10, but Aaron Rodgers would throw a second pick and that makes him not perfect and that makes him trash.

“Ya know, we don’t ask a lot of our quarterback here in Green Bay,” claimed not-spoiled-at-all cheese-head Ethan Muller. “Ya know, one pick and we may have just considered a suspension. But, ya know, a second pick only six plays later is just too much. We had to break it off.”

The Packers organization has no plans to release Rodgers, despite fans’ abandonment of the All-Pro.

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