When it comes to comparing short animated films, we all know that it’s basically impossible to compare eras. The spacing in today’s animated shorts is vastly different than it was just ten years ago. Plus, the new rules that don’t allow animators to basically slap other animators every time they get a pen in their hands has totally changed the game.

All that said, these Kobe Bryant fans need to chill the hell out and remember just how good the GOAT’s animated shorts were back in the 1990’s.

Don’t sleep on Scottie’s contributions to animation, namely “The Lion King” and “Aladdin,” both of which he wrote and directed.


It’s easy to forget this now, as there’s been a whole generation of young animators that have grown up on Kobe’s aesthetic and narrative style. But Michael Jordan is the original. Go back on YouTube, and watch his animated highlights where his poignant cartoon vignettes actually decimated the entire economy of the state of Utah. Twice.

Any true animation fan knows that the mid-90s were the Golden Age of animated short films. The films were ugly, not fun, and borderline unwatchable. That’s what made them so good. Today’s Pixar generation, where things are “fun” and “uplifting” and “vanity projects made on a whim by someone with hundreds of millions of dollars,” simply has no appreciation for Jordan.

That needs to change.

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