After taking home the gold medal in the 50km walk, Matej Toth is still working his way around his victory lap down in Rio.

Toth, a Slovakian, has reportedly missed his flight home, and his family has contacted his country’s embassy looking for him.


Still going. (Getty)

On Tuesday, Toth was just coming into the third curve, waving enthusiastically to any stadium staff who still happened to be around. He wept with joy, a Slovakian flag draped around his shoulders.

“I don’t want to be rude, but I will need to ask him to leave if he doesn’t finish soon,” said a manager at the Olympic Stadium. “I want him to have his moment, but we actually need to get on with the process of breaking down this stadium for parts. He needs to wrap this up.”

As the sun set over Rio, Toth continued his victorious, determined stroll around the track, seemingly oblivious to the empty stands and impending darkness.

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