As media coverage of Odell Beckham Jr has continually focused on his on-field outbursts and seemingly bad attitude, the Giants’ star receiver just released a book of poetry in order to prove he’s not a troublemaker, but simply misunderstood.

“Can a man cry without tears? Can a player play without fears? Can a forest be a forest without deers? These are the questions in my soul,” begins one of the more normal poems.

Another of Beckham Jr.’s poems begins with, “We fight but we love. We push and we shove. In the flood you’re my dove. Norman,” in what many believe to be a love letter to his rival Josh Norman.

One of the darker lines from Beckham Jr.’s poems is: “I will kill you sideline net, anytime, anywhere, the first chance I get.”

Simon Armitage, professor of poetry at Oxford, has called Beckham Jr.’s poems “the most inventive collection of stupid crap I have ever read.”

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