It seems the quarterback controversy is finally over in Dallas. But Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is taking plenty of heat for how it was settled, telling Dak Prescott that he’ll be starting Tony Romo in a text message.

“It’s his team, he can start who he wants. But at least call me,” Prescott vented to his teammates. “And the text was such bullshit. I’m not looking for a mobile quarterback right now? What exactly are you looking for? Injury-prone chokers?”

“It’s just not cool,” said right tackle Doug Free. “He started him for five weeks! And it was going SO well. You’re past a text at that point.”

Jones remained defensive about the ordeal when questioned about it at a recent press conference.

“Why’d I do it in a text? I dunno, telling a quarterback you’re benching him is awkward,” explained Jones. “I didn’t think it was a big deal. It’s not like I ever made him the permanent starter. He was just filling in while Tony was out.”

The room of reporters gasped in disgust.

“Typical,” Prescott replied. “Fucking typical.”

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