While 9 out of 10 Native Americans stated they are not offended by the team name “Redskins,” they did overwhelmingly respond that they felt team owner Dan Snyder was a “giant asshole.”

“The team name is what it is, we’ve made our peace with that,” said Marc Chacon, a half-Cherokee man from Virginia. “But that doesn’t change the fact that Dan Snyder is a huge, undeniable asshole.”

The people have spoken. (Getty)

The people have spoken. (Getty)

The survey encouraged responders to check every box that they felt applied to Snyder, and while “asshole” (98%) was the top response, “moron” (88%), “stingy dickhead” (86%), and “incompetent executive” (82.5%) also received plenty of support from the Native American community.

Though the Washington Post claims it only sent out 1,500 surveys in order to gain a representative sampling of the national Native American population, the newspaper received over 43,000 mail-in responses from enthusiastic residents eager to share their opinions on the longtime Redskins chairman.

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