In a risky procedure, New Orleans team surgeons have removed $24 million from Pelicans star Anthony Davis. The procedure, done by GM Dell Demps and Coach Alvin Gentry, took ten minutes and involved bringing Davis into a meeting and telling him he wasn’t going to play the rest of the season.

Medical experts say that Davis could have gone ahead and absorbed the extra $24 million if he had played through and made the All-NBA team this year. But Pelicans specialists agreed that the procedure was necessary, so that Davis could play without the millions of dollars weighing him down.

“We weren’t sure whether to go ahead with the surgery,” said Demps. “We know Anthony would like to play and get that bonus. But, in the end, we thought it was best for the team to think long term, and keep our twenty four million dollars.”

After the surgery, Davis said he was feeling fine, but that it will be a few months before he’s up and ready to buy another house for his mother.

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