Following the embarrassing leak of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament bracket, NCAA officials called a press conference Monday to announce that somebody had also leaked the NCAA Men’s Hockey Tournament bracket, and that you guys should totally check it out.

“We are appalled by this violation of trust within our department. How dare somebody leak the details of our much-anticipated Hockey Championship and Frozen Four, which kicks off in full on March 25 and will conclude with what’s sure to be a rousing title showdown in Tampa on April 9, which you can watch at 8 PM eastern time only on ESPN,” said NCAA president Mark Emmert.

“It’s disgusting,” he added. “Just look at it. Look at all those compelling matchups.”

Emmert added that he knows a guy who can hook it up with a sneak peek at May’s Men’s Lacrosse Championship bracket, if you’re into that kind of thing.

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