In an effort to add to the fun of All-Star weekend and to appeal to a new audience, the NBA has added a dog agility course portion to the NBA skills challenge.

“I’m really excited about for this. I think it’ll be great for the kids,’” explained Commissioner Adam Silver. “I looked at the success of something like The Puppy Bowl and thought, ‘I want a piece of that action.’”

Players participating in the challenge will guide their canine counterparts through traditional obstacles like “The Teeter” and “The Weave Poles” using verbal commands and a whistle. The agility course will also include new NBA specific tasks like “Pick and Roll Over,” “The Air Bud,” and “The Hassan Whiteside.”

“Me and Ralphy have got this on lock,” said CJ McCollum, referring to his four year old Australian Shepherd. “I mean who’s gonna stop us? Boogie and his slow-ass Pit Bull? Draymond and that yappy little Jack Russell Terrier? Nah, man. We got this.”

Not everyone was game for the new addition, though. Defending champion Patrick Beverley announced that despite being highly allergic to dogs, he would do his best to defend his crown.

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