With the Cleveland-Toronto series on the cusp of being a complete blowout, NBA commissioner Adam Silver has announced a plan to pump some excitement, as well as points, back into the matchup.

Silver, a well-known “90’s kid,” revealed that the Air Canada Centre will be revamped with Rock N Jock-style 10 and 25-point baskets in the hope that it creates more high-scoring opportunities for the Raptors. Many have speculated that the move may also be in response to the drop-off in ratings due to the mismatched final scores.

“We are still toying with the idea of adding celebrity players into the mix, as well,” Silver said. “Might be Jonathan Taylor Thomas, might be Drake. Actually, this whole thing was Drake’s idea.”

Raptors guard DeMar DeRozan has been outspoken about the recent decision. “It’s about damn time! We’re out here trying to go basket for basket with them.”

In response to the one-sided increased point opportunity, LeBron James said, “I mean, it’s not really fair. But, we’re all still really excited to meet the kid from Home Improvement.”

Bill Bellamy is set to sub in as player/coach for the Raptors, with Jaleel White starting in place of Kyle Lowry.

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