According to early reviews about the game, NBA 2K17 is so realistic you can see the betrayal burning deep inside Russell Westbrook’s eyes.

“It’s actually pretty terrifying. I know it’s just a game, but his eyes were so intense I had to look away the first time,” said one EA playtester. “And when you play the Thunder against the Warriors… It. Is. Ugly! Wherever you move Westbrook on the court, he is always staring down Durant, and that glare just screams ‘You stabbed me in the back, you rat!’”

The game reportedly also has numerous other hyper-realistic additions that are sure to be crowd pleasers. For example, Jeremy Lin appears in games with one of twenty randomly generated hairstyles, and the looks of displeasure on Lakers fans’ faces are varied and detailed each time Timofey Mozgov enters a game. Still, Westbrook’s eyes are the real crown jewel.

“Russell is one of the most passionate players in the game, and we really wanted to capture his flaming desire for revenge,” said one game designer. “We had a whole team working for months just trying to capture the essence of the hate-inferno raging in his gaze. I think we nailed it.”

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