As one of the NFL Network’s leading draft experts, people have been clamoring for my final 2016 Mock Draft. Well, here it is: Jatavis Brown will go 85th.

That’s all I can confidently say.

I have thoughts about the rest of the draft but the truth is predicting these things is difficult. Between changing player evaluations, potential trades, young front offices—it’s extremely complicated.

But Akron’s senior linebacker will go 85th to the Houston Texans. That much I know.

Mayock isn't comfortable predicting where Joey Bosa will go. (Getty)

Mayock isn’t comfortable predicting where Joey Bosa will go. (Getty)

I realize people want more, but I wouldn’t want to put out a big, thorough batch of predictions, have many of my choices be proven wrong and then I look like a boob.

That’s why I’ve asked the NFL Network to take down my Mock Draft. Except for #85. Hope you like barbecue, Mr. Brown, because you’re heading to Texas.

Will the Rams really take Jared Goff? Probably. Ezekiel Elliott to the Cowboys? Not sure. Is Paxton Lynch really a first round pick? Look, I’ve already told you what I know.

Jatavis Brown, 22nd pick of the third round (85th overall), to Bill O’Brien and co. Mark it down.

Unless the Texans trade the pick or grab a linebacker early. Then all bets are off.

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