As quarterback Dak Prescott continues to impress, Cowboys elder statesman Tony Romo has taken on a little-needed leadership role by taking the younger player under his wing just tightly that everyone on the team is getting sort of weirded out.

“I am just so. Proud. Of. You.” Romo deadpanned as he positioned Prescott’s mouth and nose into the crook of his right arm. “You are the. Future. Of. The. Cowboys.”

Prescott used one of his myriad evasive maneuvers that he has so effortlessly and impressively employed on the field this year to wriggle out of Romo’s attempted mentorship.

“Get back here for some more mentorship,” Romo stated, as he walked in Prescott’s direction without blinking. “I can help you.”

“Nah, I’m good,” Prescott was overheard responding, as he accelerated into a light jog toward a more public part of the stadium.

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