Phil Richards, hockey fan, is trying to bring the NHL back to the glory days of 1998 by reintroducing the “laser puck.”

The laser puck, or “FoxTrax,” was invented to help differentiate Fox’s NHL coverage. The puck emitted an IR signal that would show up as a blue halo on television. A small red tail would also appear when the puck traveled faster than 70 MPH. It was actually super cool. But for some (probably stupid) reason, Fox ultimately pulled the technology.

Phil Richards is an amateur hockey referee and data analyst from Colorado Springs, Colorado. He really loved laser puck and believed it “made hockey super rad to watch.” His grassroots movement is really picking up steam; he has reportedly downloaded a petition PDF from the Internet and has begun filling it out.

When asked about Mr. Richards’ chances of bringing back the ol’ laser puck, Fox executives stared blankly, as most of them were born after 1998.


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