Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has made no secret of his desire to model his organization after their Western Conference rival Golden State Warriors. Cuban has implemented a space-oriented offense, a flexible defensive scheme in which players can perform multiple roles, and now a head coach who will miss several months due to a spinal fluid leak.

“Look, this is a copycat league, everyone knows that,” said Cuban. “We study other teams and the things that make them successful, and then we emulate where it makes sense for our organization.”

Carlisle, an extremely well-regarded veteran coach, agrees with Cuban that this might just be the proper kickstart to a successful push toward the playoffs.

“[Warriors coach] Steve [Kerr] sat out all those games, and the Warriors won almost all of them,” Carlisle said. “So we’re going to try it out, and iterate based on observations. That’s just a good way to run a business.”

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