Early reports out of Seattle indicate that Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch’s mother Delisa will be going Beast Mode for her annual parent-coach conference with offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell later this week.

Brent Musberger, who announced some of her games back at the University of Oklahoma, says that Ms. Lynch has threatened to go full Beast Mode in previous parent-coach conferences, but she is primed for a major breakout this conference season. When her son was in high school, Ms. Lynch is said to have put the entire conference on her back.

Ms. Lynch told reporters that she is ready to “put that idiot [we believe she means Bevell] on blast” for his “[expletive with which we are unfamiliar] playcalling.”

Latest reports out of Bevell’s camp suggest that Bevell may send a proxy, 81-year old Lorinda Bevell, to the conference in his stead.

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