Asked about Game 4, Cavs coach Tyronn Lue said his only regret is “not ball-tapping [Allen] Iverson as he stepped over me.”

In his playing days, Lue was known for an iconic moment when Iverson walked over him in the 2001 NBA Finals. Lue has said he is “over” that moment, although when asked about Game 4—in which LeBron James similarly stepped over Draymond Green and Green retaliated by swinging his hand near James’ groin—the Cavs’ coach kept bringing up the Iverson incident.

Regarding the Warriors, Lue said he regrets trying to play big, and not getting more pressure on Iverson’s deep jumper. (Getty)

“I mean Draymond, he’s really got this whole getting-stepped-over thing figured out,” Lue said, in response to a question about if he regretted criticizing officials, for which he was fined $25,000. “He fought back a little. Me? I just laid there. Damn.”

Asked if he regretted trying to push the pace against the Warriors, Lue agreed it was a mistake to fall for Iverson’s crossover.

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