With Kevin Love cleared to play, Cavs coach Tyronn Lue has indicated he won’t be making the decision on whether or not to start him until Skip Bayless has weighed in.

“Starting Kevin or not is actually going to be the easiest decision I’ll make all year,” said Lue. “Because, technically, Skip Bayless will be making it for me.” Lue went on to clarify that despite leaning heavily on Bayless, he himself has made many tough decisions regarding the Cavs this season, including where to have lunch while on the road, bench seating arrangements, and when to do what LeBron wants: which was always.

Bayless, who has never shied away from controversial opinions with regards to the Cavaliers lineup, has already gone on the record about Game 4: “They need to switch it all up. LeBron starts at the 5, Channing Frye at the 2, and Dahntay Jones plays the stretch-5. Then take the whole team down to Australia and pick up three more Dellavedova’s.”

“Of course I want to go out there and start,” said Love. “But, I will respect the decision that coach Lue makes, based on the decision that Skip Bayless makes.”

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