Amid controversy over whether or not LSU offensive lineman Josh Boutte’s late hit on Wisconsin’s D’Cota Dixon was a cheap shot, reports have surfaced that Boutte just arrived in Madison and hit Dixon again.

“It appears that after we returned to Baton Rouge, Josh took a greyhound bus from Louisiana to Wisconsin, then took a taxi to the University of Madison-Wisconsin campus, and then clotheslined their safety as he was leaving his apartment on his way to get breakfast,” said LSU coach Les Miles. “Obviously, we’re going to review it, but it’s entirely possible that he still hadn’t heard the whistle and didn’t know the play was dead.”

To make matters even more confusing, Dixon happened to be carrying a football at the time of the hit.

“He was making a football play,” Miles continued. “I can’t imagine he would have done that if he’d known that the kid had already gone down. I mean, obviously, he knew he went down when he hit him the first time. But maybe he thought you have to tackle guys twice? We’ll look into it.”

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