It started with a tiny mistake. One that could have happened to anyone. But when Bulls coach Fred Hoiberg accidentally said how excited he was to have Brook Lopez on his team when he’s actually getting Robin, the Lopez twins seized the moment. They pulled a “Parent Trap.”

Brook Lopez found himself scouring New York City costume shops, trying to find the perfect “Sideshow Bob” wig, before hopping on a plane and heading to Chicago. From there the twins went on a spree of hijinks that left Hoiberg and the entire Bulls staff scratching their heads.

“I first noticed something was up when Robin never seemed to get tired during practice,” said Hoiberg. “He would just run behind the bleachers, and come out the other side looking fresh and full of energy. He was also much better than expected half of the time.”

Brook and Robin’s parent trap antics didn’t stop with the coaching staff. Bulls guard Jimmy Butler recalls having the same conversation over and over again with “Robin” before the twins finally revealed their secret.

This is the first parent trap in pro sports since Tiki and Ronde Barber both did Tiki’s appearance on the Today Show.

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