The Lions lost 34-27 to the Packers today, and after the game coach Jim Caldwell admitted that he now had some second thoughts about the Lions’ strategy of spending the entire game in a prevent defense to guard against the Hail Mary.

“The last time we played them they hurt us pretty bad with the Hail Mary,” said Caldwell. “So this whole week, preparing for the game, we were basically just saying: we are not going to let them Hail Mary us again.”

That approach may have been shortsighted, as the Packers ended up running the ball 24 times and Aaron Rodgers threw several short passes as the entire Lions defense lurked in the end zone.

“Yeah, it didn’t really work,” said Caldwell. “But don’t worry, I got a plan. Next time we’re just going to stack the line of scrimmage on every play. No more runs!”

Although the Lions didn’t win the game, their strategy did succeed in frustrating Rodgers, who admitted afterwards that he “really, really wanted to do a Hail Mary.”

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