LeBron James Jr. is taking after his NBA champion father with the recent announcement of his social media blackout until he secures an NBA championship of his own.

“It’s about focus,” said LeBron Jr. “The next decade will go by in an instant and then I’ll be in the league. I’m cutting out all distractions until I’ve got that 2026 championship trophy.”

Basketball insiders, as well as his middle school teachers, were surprised by the move. The younger James is only 11 years old, an age when most kids are extremely active on social media.

“I fully support my son’s decision,” said LeBron James. “If I had had that kind of focus early in my career it may not have taken me eight years to win my first championship. Although, being on Cleveland early on didn’t help either.”

Looking for ways to fill his time between schoolwork and basketball, LeBron Jr. has become an avid reader after recently discovering that the books now come in hardcopy forms.

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