After Kevin Love’s hard day at the big game left him in quite a funk, LeBron James took his little buddy on an adventure he surely won’t soon forget – a trip to California fast food favorite In-N-Out Burger!

“You know, Kevin was pretty beside himself after the loss,” LeBron told reporters. “So I asked him, ‘if there was anything in the whole wide world that would make you a happy camper, what would it be?’ Sure enough, he said ‘hamburger! And french fries! Animal style!’”

After two seasons of playing together, LeBron has learned that there is no letdown that can’t be fixed with some fast food. After losing consecutive games in Toronto last month, LeBron took his pal for a late night breakfast sandwich at Tim Horton’s, and following Love’s season-ending shoulder injury last season, LeBron bought him a reported 17 happy meals until the poor kid got his favorite Power Ranger toy.

Sources indicate that Love asked the In-N-Out employees for a tour of the kitchen, and was devastated upon being turned down. He did, however, get one of those cool paper hats.

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