The drama within the Cavs organization continues to build. Lebron James has reportedly caught multiple teammates with posters of Steph Curry taped up in their lockers.

“What the hell is this?” bellowed James, looming over a cowering Matthew Dellavedova. “Did you think I wouldn’t notice your little Steph Curry collage back there behind your warm-ups?”

“It’s just that he plays my position… and… and he’s really good,” muttered Dellavedova, carefully taking down the pictures.

Lebron proceeded to do a full inspection of the locker room, looking for Curry paraphernalia. He confiscated Iman Shumpert’s pair of Under Armour Curry 2 sneakers, made Timofey Mozgov change his phone’s lock screen picture from a snap of Curry, and threw out a small framed photo of Curry adorning Tyronn Lue’s desk.

James later returned with a stack of posters of himself and spent some time taping one up in the back of every teammate’s locker.

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