At a press conference after Alabama’s win over Western Kentucky, Alabama head coach Nick Saban described his heated sidelines conversation with offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin as an “ass-chewing,” prompting chuckles from the assembled reporters. Kiffin, however, had a different way of describing it.

“That was the nicest conversation I’ve ever had,” Kiffin said. “Not just with Nick Saban, but with anyone.”

The conversation consisted of Kiffin saying approximately three words and then standing stoically while Saban screamed in his face.

“It was so great,” said Kiffin. “He didn’t throw anything at me, he didn’t spit on me, he didn’t tell me that there’s something about my general demeanor that makes him wish an astroid would come and wipe out humanity. I genuinely had no idea that an interaction with another human being could be so pleasant.”

“He even let me ride on the team bus after the game,” Kiffin added.

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