Sports memorabilia collectors are buzzing over the news that the Lakers plan to auction off the Jack Nicholson that sat courtside at Kobe’s last game.

“This is a chance for a collector to own a piece of Laker history,” said Lakers owner Jeanie Buss. “This is an extremely rare—in fact, one of a kind— Jack Nicholson that would complement any serious collection of NBA memorabilia.”

An exclusive look at the Jack Nicholson (Getty)

An exclusive look at the Jack Nicholson (Getty)

This Nicholson is expected to fetch the highest price of any Nicholson yet auctioned. Christie’s, which is running the auction, said it expects this Nicholson to surpass even the one that was courtside for Kobe’s historic 81-point game.

“This Nicholson, while not in fantastic condition, has a really signature black outfit and wonderful sunglasses,” said a spokesman for Christie’s. “Additionally, it is a bit more animated than most of the Nicholson’s we’ve been seeing on the market recently. This is going to be a great lot.”

Famous actor and Laker-fanatic Jack Nicholson is reportedly very interested in acquiring the lot, as he has been for each other Nicholson that has become available.

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