In his first game in a Duke basketball uniform, freshman guard and dark warrior Kylo Ren lead the Blue Devils with 22 points over visiting Boston College. Ren added eight rebounds and six assists, including a nifty pass in which he threw the ball at the opposing player, and then redirected it midair to a cutting Brandon Ingram.

Ren plans to spend the rest of the season with the Duke men’s team.

“I just feel like this is home for me,” said Ren. “Coach K. has so many lessons to teach. My training here has only begun.”

Coach Mike Krzyzewski returned the admiration for Ren.

“Kylo is powerful. He’s fearless. He’s doing everything he can to be the best,” said Krzyzewski. “I feel like I’ve not only found a great player, but perhaps even an apprentice.”

After the game, Ren opened up about his personal life and about Coach K.

“I never had a great relationship with my own dad. Once I got kicked out of high school for killing a lot of guys, and no one would even talk to me. Then I found Coach K., who’s been like a father to me. It’s been great.”

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