Kyle Jones, formerly Kyle Busch, officially changed his name to its original state after his 12-year sponsorship with Busch Light expired this week.

The NASCAR Star Formerly Known as Busch signed a deal with Anheuser-Busch back in 2002, prior to his first year driving professionally. The conditions of the deal stated that Jones had to legally change his last name for the duration of the contract, drink only Busch Light in public, and extol the virtues of the Busch Light brand in every press conference.


“It was an easy decision to make,” said Jones. “The money was good for a rookie driver and my fridge was always stocked with the stuff anyway. Hell, I would have gotten it tattooed on my face if given the opportunity.”

Jones admitted that he is no longer attached to his given surname and would consider a similar sponsorship opportunity with any of the following brands: Yuengling, Glenlevit, Westinghouse Appliances, and Aqualung Snorkels.

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