After Carmelo Anthony’s epic Olympic performance, Knicks president Phil Jackson called Team USA coach Mike Krzyzewski with a revolutionary trade offer: the Knicks’ Carmelo Anthony for Team USA’s Carmelo Anthony.

“Listen, I know you have the better player,” Jackson told Krzyzewski. “But I’ve got a guy who can absolutely step his game up in a more international style of play.”

“I’m listening, Phil,” said Krzyzewski, who according to sources, was not listening. “But here’s the thing. You’re asking for the best player on the best team in the world, and you’re offering the second or third best guy on a team that might not even make the playoffs.”

Both men then pondered that thought and said “woah.”

Krzyzewski ultimately declined Jackson’s offer, though he did counter with an offer to accept “literally anyone” for Harrison Barnes.

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