New York Knicks president Phil Jackson has confirmed that the team intends to hire former Cleveland Cavaliers head coach David Blatt as its new coach, pending a letter of recommendation from Blatt’s previous boss LeBron James.

It’s become standard process for NBA organizations to contact past employers before hiring new candidates. In this particular instance, Blatt’s former boss LeBron has been busy competing in the NBA Playoffs, slowing the talks considerably.

LeBron encouraging his one-time employee (Getty)

LeBron encouraging his one-time employee (Getty)

“Normally, we consider a candidate’s recent firing a serious red flag,” Jackson said. “But David’s former boss is known to have a quick trigger finger when it comes to hiring and firing. So we just want to get a sense of the circumstances, whenever LeBron has a free 15 minutes to chat.”

Per most recent reports, LeBron has cryptically recommended Blatt in a tweet directed at the New York Knicks, writing: “@nyknicks every1 deserves a 2nd chance. past is past. is he the future? time will tell.”

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