Hello, it’s me, the New York Giants’ kicking net. I just wanted to take a moment to address what happened between Odell Beckham Jr. and me on the sidelines in this afternoon’s game.

Please allow me to be clear: everything is chill between us. The rumors of “lingering bad blood” and a “prolonged feud that could tear the team apart” are entirely false.

During an NFL game, emotions run high. Odell took a swing at me. I hit him back. But that’s where it ended. Odell and I had a conversation after the game and we are entirely good now.

Odell and I are both professionals, and we both know that our little fight wasn’t really about us. It was about the frustrations we were feeling over not being able to help our team to the best of our abilities. For Odell, that frustration stemmed from his matchup with cornerback Josh Norman. For me, it was because when our kicker was warming up earlier I let one of his kicks slip out through the bottom of my netting.

I’ve been in this league too many years to make a rookie mistake like that.

So, really, there’s no need for you guys to keep asking about it. OBJ and I are on the same side. We’re warriors. We go to battle together every week, and our relationship is too strong to be undone by a few moments of heightened tension.

But I also want to say this: if he comes at me again, I’m going to take his fucking head off. I have a family to look out for.

Thank you for listening.

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