Hello! This is professional basketball player and Players’ Tribune deputy publisher Kevin Durant. I’ve been told that since I’m entering a new phase of my career, I should be more open to the media and allow you guys more access into my life. So, without further ado, here’s the list of things that I want to accomplish this season with my new team, the Golden State Warriors:

1. Get a tattoo of E-40.


One thing that I’m all about is getting really large tattoos of musicians, like Tupac and Rick James, on my limbs. No better way to say hey to the Bay than with a tattoo of legendary Bay Area rapper E-40!

2. Go to the Full House house.

Or, for my younger fans, the Fuller House house.

Durant and Green Full House

3. Make Draymond my new best friend, and send Westbrook pics of us having fun.

Draymond seems really cool, and we all know he loves taking pictures and putting them where everyone can see them. Can’t wait to have some fun with my new bud!

4. Ask James Michael McAdoo if he prefers to be called James or Michael.

I don’t really know him that well, I’m still learning! But I do know there’s no way he can have two names.

5. Score at least one basket (can even be just a free throw) every game.

There’s a lot of talent on this roster, so I know I’m going to have to give up some shots. But as long as I can still get mine, “mine” meaning at least one point per game, I’ll be satisfied.

6. Buy a few glass bottles so I can do the “Warriors…come out to play-ay” thing before each game.


I’m almost there for this one! I just need to buy some bottles. Thankfully, I already have a headband and curly wig ready to go.

7. Figure out where “Golden State” is in California.

Durant_California3 (1)

I actually need to book my flight pretty soon, so this one is more urgent than the rest. Any help would be great, thanks!!

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