After Kevin Durant famously released a line of shoes describing the long list of slights and insults against him he uses for motivation, Spurs star Kawhi Leonard debuted new sneakers of his own, featuring a long list of people he admires.

The list includes names such as Tim Duncan, Gregg Popovich, and Shark Tank panelist Lori Greiner, who Leonard says “is a hard worker who has made it her life’s mission to reward those with a passion for entrepreneurship. I really respect that.”

“I just like being thankful every time I look down.”


“I thought I could fit all the names onto the soles of two shoes, but I quickly realized that there is so much good in the world that I had to make another 1,000 pairs,” Leonard explained. “I paid for the production of these shoes out of my own pocket, and I will be donating these pairs to teenagers in need of sports to stay out of trouble.”

The shoes were set to be available this morning, but production was delayed by several weeks when Leonard visited the factory and insisted on having a meaningful half-hour conversation with every single person working there.

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