Spurs forward Kawhi Leonard timidly approached his teammates with time ticking down before the 2016 Oscars, asking without pleading for them to respond one way or another to his e-vite.

“I sent it two weeks ago, and only Timmy and Boban have even opened it,” Kawhi rasped after a recent shootaround. “And that’s cool, but just, I kind of want to get a head count if that’s okay.”

Leonard made sure to invite the entire team and its coaching staff, as his mother encouraged him not to let anyone feel left out. He took a trip to Party City, picking up themed plates, napkins, and cups for the occasion.

“There’s gonna be a red carpet leading up to the house, with a little step-and-repeat, but you guys totally don’t have to do that if you’d rather just relax,” Kawhi mentioned. “I just thought it would be funny to have. Well, not funny, but fun I guess.”

As Leonard left the locker room, team veteran Tim Duncan reportedly turned to the rest of the team and simply said, “Guys.”


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