The Washington Redskins were criticized last week for playing star cornerback Josh Norman exclusively on the left side of the field, allowing Steelers receiver Antonio Brown to run roughshod all over the right side. So this week, against the Cowboys, Washington coach Jay Gruden has laid out a plan to get Norman more involved, by keeping him exclusively on the left side but also allowing him to serve as the team’s waterboy.

“We’re paying Josh Norman $75 million,” Gruden explained. “So it doesn’t make sense to not use him. He came to me and said he wanted to get a chance to do more and I said, I have just the thing.”

“Whatever coach wants me to do is fine,” said Norman, staring blankly ahead. “This is a fine, good football strategy. I’m happy.”

Although it may seem like a somewhat insignificant role for Norman to play, his waterboy duties will be crucial to the Redskins’ success as it will be his job to keep the team’s other, less-well-paid cornerbacks hydrated while they are getting torched by Dez Bryant.

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