Highly-touted senior Josh Jackson has committed to University of Kansas, but he just doesn’t “want to put a label on it yet.”

“I committed to them, and they committed to me,” Jackson said on his Facebook page. “We’re taking it slow, and honestly, it’s been really great so far.”

The hype surrounding a high-profile coupling like Jackson/KU can create undue pressure for the relationship to work immediately, even though both parties know that it takes time to establish the strong foundation.

KU players carefully watching Jackson's relationship status (Getty)

KU players carefully watching Jackson’s relationship status (Getty)

“Some of the cynics out there are saying I’m going to leave [KU] in a year or two for someone flashier,” noted Jackson. “My relationship with a beautiful school like Kansas is my business, and we’re just taking it one semester at a time, thank you very much.”

Representatives from Kansas raved about their great affection for Jackson, and their despondency for not being able to give him the gifts he deserves.

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