A day after a disastrous 12th hole quadruple-bogey cost him his second consecutive green jacket, Jordan Spieth has rented snorkeling gear in hopes of finding the two Titleist Pro V1 golf balls he hit into the pond.

“Above all else, I respect the game of golf, and the somewhat steep price-point of Titleist’s top shelf balls,” Spieth explained before breaking to spit a stream of murky pond water through his purge valve. “Sorry about that. Anyways, I try to recover lost balls whenever possible.”

Spieth realizing just how much snorkeling he'd have to do (Getty)

Spieth realizing just how much snorkeling he’d have to do (Getty)

Spieth has reportedly spent hours scouring the pond, but has only found a bunch of Callaway balls, some fish, and “some green pants that I’m pretty sure I saw Jim Nantz carrying around yesterday.”

“I think I’m just gonna stay in here for a while,” Spieth said, wading on his back and staring contentedly at the bridge above. “Yeah. Nobody will find me here.”

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