The author that brought to life the magical world of Harry Potter has revealed a new epic fantasy series that will feature the 1996 Bulls facing off against the 2017 Warriors.

“People love stories with magic, goblins, and wizards,” said Rowling in a statement. “The other thing that catches the imagination of the masses is imagining great teams of different eras facing off. In my new series, I will bring that fantasy to life in seven new books, one for each game of a series.”

Rowling set the scene for this whimsical clash of titans in the real world city of Chicago. While visiting the United Center, a young Steph Curry leads the Warriors through a magical passage in the locker room and back in time to 1996. Along with his friends Draymond Green and Klay Thompson, Curry struggles to defeat the reigning champion Bulls and their evil leader, Michael Jordan. Along the way they learn as much about the game of basketball as they do about themselves.

Rowling's newest villains, Michael and Scottie (Getty)

Rowling’s newest villains, Michael and Scottie (Getty)

“I won’t reveal the ending,” continued Rowling, “But let me just say I think these books will put to rest the questions of who was better, once and for all.”

Universal Studios Orlando has already begun construction of a new theme park where fans can experience all the magic of the series: The Fantastical World of ‘96 Bulls vs. 2017 Warriors– where punditry and wild conjecture come to life!

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