JJ Watt, the Houston Texans star defensive end, is known for his gruelingly intense personal workouts.But even the most intense among us need a rest once in a while, which is why Watt will be taking it easy this Christmas.

“I told myself, ‘JJ, you deserve a break. Treat your self!’ And boy, will I!” exclaimed the elated Watt.

“Just a strength and cardio blitz from 4:30 to 7:30am followed by an hour on the bike. Then we’ll open presents — I’ll probably be in my outdoor ice bath, nursing my protein shake for that part.”

Watt also admitted that he will take a holiday break from his meticulously curated diet of brown rice, grilled chicken breasts, and leafy greens by gorging on some of his mother’s home cooking: brown rice, grilled chicken breasts, leafy greens, and two pinches of salt.

“I can’t believe I’m telling you guys this,” Watt giggled with his hand up to his mouth. “I might even have three or four pieces of dried apricot after. What can I say, I’m weak-willed.”

Watt then plans to relax by the fire (with wood that he chopped between mouthfuls at lunch) with his family, and watch his all-time favorite Christmas movie, Game Tape From This Week’s Opponent. 

“It’s a classic,” Watt said. “I’ve seen it at least 100 times, but it’s still so good. I just love the ending, where I’m squashing bitches.”

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