As the baseball world continues to react to Alex Rodriguez’ sudden retirement, Derek Jeter said in a statement that his schedule is full and he has “no time to hang”.

Jeter, who played alongside A-Rod on the left side of the Yankees infield for 10 years, praised the veteran slugger as a “super talented player, a prolific slugger, and someone I will always enjoy corresponding with over e-mail.”

Alex Rodriguez responds to Derek Jeter's fist bump with a high five. (Getty)

Alex Rodriguez responds to Derek Jeter’s fist bump with a high five. (Getty)

“He’s one of those guys you definitely want to stay in touch with once in awhile over email,” Jeter said. “Sometimes people think because I’m retired I have all day to hang out, but I’m actually really busy. Really, really busy.”

Jeter said his favorite memory of playing with A-Rod was winning the 2009 World Series and celebrating in separate locations.

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