When you find a player that you can count on to deliver, you put all of your resources, all of your heart behind him. Tony Romo is a player I can count on, and I appreciate the consistency he displays when it comes to always getting hurt.

You don’t get to be ‘America’s Team’ by waiting around to see how your chips are going to fall. I know that a lot of other teams go into the season with a starting quarterback and just hope he doesn’t get hurt. They HOPE! That’s no way to run an elite football organization.

Every year, my team sits down with Tony and picks the optimal game and play for him to get hurt, so we are all on the same page. Sometimes it’s week one, sometimes it’s week two, or sometimes it’s in the preseason. The point is, it happens, and we know it’s going to happen.

Would I rather have a quarterback that doesn’t get hurt all the time? A quarterback that is healthy enough to lead our team to a championship? A quarterback that isn’t eternally cursed for dating Jessica Simpson? You’re damn right I do. But, you know, at least I’ve got consistency. Fucking, consistency.

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