Nervous that his coach didn’t feel the same way he did, Jared Goff listened closely while his friend called Jeff Fisher to ask if he likes his rookie QB.

“Um, hi Mr. Fisher, it’s me, Ollie,” Goff’s friend stammered. “Um, I’m good, thanks. So, I was just wondering, do you like Jared? Like, do you like-like Jared? Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Okay.”

“What’s he saying? Ollie, what’s he saying?” Goff asked way too loudly, before being shushed by his more composed friend.

Ollie then put the phone down and explained that while Fisher totally likes him, right now he needs someone more mature and experienced like that older boy Case. Fisher also reportedly said that confidence is everything, which right now Jared doesn’t really have.

“I’m confident!” Goff rebutted to his pal. “Am I not confident?”

Goff was then overcome with embarrassment when he realized that Ollie hadn’t hung up, and that Fisher had heard everything.

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