With a recent ESPN report claiming the New England Patriots Spy-gate scandal ran far deeper than originally thought, the Jacksonville Jaguars, an NFL team, announced today that they are offended, and more than a little hurt, that the Patriots never bothered to steal their signals.

“We’re not saying we support cheating,” former Jaguars owner Wayne Weaver said in a statement to the Associated Press. “But I mean, we work hard. They didn’t even bother sending us a suspicious looking intern to rifle through our locker room in search of an errant play-sheet. It’s just rude.”

No word yet from the Raiders, but a source within the Redskins organization has a despondent Dan Snyder “accidentally” tweeting out his team’s Week 1 game-plan in the hopes of getting noticed by Bill Belichick, or at least an underling like Josh McDaniels.



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