Spurning all potential free agency offers, J.R. Smith announced he will be leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers, and the NBA altogether, to start the first ever “skins vs. skins” league: The National Bare Chest Basketball Association (NBCBA).

After winning a championship with the Cavs last year, Smith gained even further notoriety with his almost week-long shirtless celebrations.

“Being a part of the Cavs’ organization has been an honor,” said Smith. “But it’s time for me to take my talents, and my bare torso, in a different direction next year.”

Full details about the new NBCBA have yet to be released, but a league spokesman did address its overall appearance in a recent statement:

“With regards to the question of whether or not it will be confusing for all active players to not be wearing shirts, the NBCBA is considering varied forms of attire to help players differentiate each other, such as colored sashes, or perhaps jerseys.”

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