Warriors officials are growing concerned that Draymond Green may face disciplinary action from the league yet again, after the Warriors forward appeared to set Cavaliers guard Matthew Dellavedova on fire.

“It was an accident,” a defiant Green told reporters while others attempted to suffocate the flames engulfing Dellavedova. “The Cavs need to move on and be men about this.”

The NBA has confirmed that Green ignited the blowtorch and held it in Dellavedova’s direction, but is now reviewing intent. If the league determines that Green purposefully set Dellavedova ablaze, he could be slapped with a Flagrant 1 or even a Felony 2.

“It’s unfortunate that Draymond has to keep taking these cheap shots,” Cavaliers forward LeBron James told reporters while Dellavedova rolled around on the Quicken Loans Arena floor, screaming for help. “I absolutely think he should be suspended for Game 6. Maybe even Game 7.”

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