In a season already filled to the brim with big moments, the Los Angeles Rams stole the spotlight when, in a show of solidarity with fellow player Colin Kaepernick, the Rams chose to spend the entirety of their Monday night game kneeling, rather than actually playing football.

A handful of individual players throughout the league have taken the time to follow in Kaepernick’s lead of protest. But for the entire Rams’ team to forego even one moment of professional football play in order to “stand up” for what they believe in, well, that is a level of selflessness that the NFL has never seen.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell spoke to the Rams’ in-game protest by saying, “It is their right to protest whenever and whatever they would like. Although, I really wish they would play just a little bit of football, because, you know, they’re a professional sports team. Kind of.”

“We had to take stock in who we are and what we believe in,” said Rams’ head coach Jeff Fisher. “It was either kneel for a cause, or play and get absolutely destroyed because of our lack of overall ability, even though we were playing a mediocre-at-best team. So we chose to kneel.”

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