Iceland’s soccer announcer, whose crazed calls of the country’s upset wins at this week’s UEFA European Championship have gone viral, will be sampled extensively on an upcoming album by Bjork, the singer said.

Gudmundur Benediktsson has become known for his shrieking, breathless calls of Iceland’s goals and defensive stands—sounds that apparently caught the ear of the country’s most famous artist.

“I’m always collecting sounds for my sound library and the way Benediktsson squealed like a maniac was something I had never heard before,” Bjork said. “The desperation, happiness and insanity of that man makes a nice sound-bed for a song I wrote about staying inside all winter.”

Bjork also said she had plans to sample Iceland fans’ “slow clap”, cut them into “1000 millisecond increments” and use them as percussion in a song about “a dying forest.”

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